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Going to work in an office building may be stressful and costly for both employee and employer.  Thanks to applied science a lot of individuals have the choice of working from home. 

For freelancers there are perceptible reasons why you ought to work from home (you may not have a different choice anyhow!) but for full-time employees there are money and personal benefits to working at least a few days per week from home.

Not every profession provides this flexibility but if yours is among the many that do, here are a few benefits 35 hours per week at work (40+ for people in the US) plus traveling back and forth time all adds up to time not spent with your kids.  Both you and your kids will be happier if you spend more time with them.  But you are able to always ask your kids what they think.


Interested in making money online doing Survey or becoming an Affiliate?, here are some way you can get started.
Paid surveys are not new, despite all the hoopla. Marketing research firms have been paying consumers to participate in surveys, focus groups and such for awhile now. But the Web has granted them a more-efficient way to collect data. So, many now conduct legit online paid surveys and other types of paid online marketing research.
When you receive a survey invitation, respond to it as soon as possible. The surveys usually have quotas, and the fill up fast, particularly for higher paying surveys.