Companies the world over are taking advantage of the internet to grow their clientele. Internet marketing is starting to catch up with the traditional marketing methods which have reigned in the market for so long. The most common methods to promote products and services in the internet today are email invitations, banner advertisements, search advertisements and press releases. However, another tool is gradually becoming known in the virtual marketplace and these are webinars.

The term webinars are derived from seminars which are web-based. Basically, webinars are intended to transmit information to an audience who may or may not be within the same area as the individual or team who organized it. Thus, webinars are used for educational purposes like lectures. These can also be utilized as companies’ training tools and now for increasing clients, consumers or customers.

In order to achieve the latter, there are several things to remember in the conceptualization and implementation of webinars. The first thing is the webinars should be designed in such a way that they are marketable. Primarily, they should be relevant in order to catch the interest of the target market. To do this, the topic should be something that would answer a particular need of the audience at the same time providing information on why the product or service of your company is the best option to take. For example, the webinar could be about the effective methods of losing weight and during the course of the discussion, the weight loss product or regimen of the company would be highlighted as one among these top methods.

Furthermore, a relevant topic should be packaged in such a way that they would not only interest the target market in becoming an audience but more importantly to avail of the product or service. This would mean proper formatting of the webinar with the right tools and visuals. This would also entail choosing the right speaker with the right credentials who would contribute to the credibility of the webinar. To opt for an interactive or moderated panel discussion format would depend on the topic. Providing chat rooms and telephone conferencing for more interaction among the speaker and participants bring the webinar to a level higher than traditional on-site seminars.

For webinars to contribute in growing a particular company’s clientele, the primary goal is to get the target market to attend and participate in it. To do this, a good promotional campaign should be initialized. The good thing about webinars is that unlike the usual marketing campaigns that only endorse the product or service to the prospective client, webinars give their participants not only options but also opportunities to learn.

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